Monthly Archives: April 2016

IGUSOL ADVANCE sponsored a Seminar on Animal Feed Additives in Taiwan

Last November, IGUSOL Advanced sponsored in Taichung (Taiwan) an interesting seminar on innovative animal feed additives, in cooperation with its distributor in that area. With an important representation of veterinaries, big producers of the area and sub-distributors from several provinces, the conference dealt with several topics on animal feed additives usage, its effects and impacts on the gut, liver and other body parts’ health. The conference was also used for Mr. Li, Igusol Regional Area Manager, to make a presentation of

New research from IGUSOL ADVANCE shows benefits of IGUSAFE on enhancing broilers performance

Igusol Advance has recently published its new research on IGUSAFE applied on broilers fed up to 42 days. It has been conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture at Dicle University in Turkey, and it shows a significant improvement of body weight gains, a reduction of Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) and Serum Total Protein levels compared with control group. The study evaluated IGUSAFE at two inclusion levels on growth performance, intestinal microflora population and serum biochemistry in broilers. As expected, Results showed that the