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New research from IGUSOL ADVANCE shows benefits of IGUSAFE on enhancing broilers performance

Igusol Advance has recently published its new research on IGUSAFE applied on broilers fed up to 42 days. It has been conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture at Dicle University in Turkey, and it shows a significant improvement of body weight gains, a reduction of Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) and Serum Total Protein levels compared with control group. The study evaluated IGUSAFE at two inclusion levels on growth performance, intestinal microflora population and serum biochemistry in broilers. As expected, Results showed that the

IGUSAFE improves performance in broilers

The livestock sector is globally increasing in response to the demand derived from global population growth. Confined animal productions have increased substantially since the 1960s, and are the source of much of the world's poultry and pig meat production, in order to meet the increasing demand (Bruinsma, 2003). Many farmers have detected an overload in the liver function of the animals, due to an intensive production and a stressful management that lead to a yield reduction and/or an increment of

Goodness of Essential oils

Several types of herbal products and their oil extracts have enhanced broiler performance and resulted in growth-promoting effects. These may serve as environmental friendly alternatives to the antibiotic growth promoters commonly used in animal and poultry feed. The proposed mode of action of herbal products is attributed to their antimicrobial properties, oxidative-resistant activity, enhancement of the immune system, and, consequently, improvement in poultry performance. IGUSOL ADVANCE SA has developed EMERALD, a combination of essential oils with are generally recognized as safe