Goodness of Essential oils

Several types of herbal products and their oil extracts have enhanced broiler performance and resulted in growth-promoting effects. These may serve as environmental friendly alternatives to the antibiotic growth promoters commonly used in animal and poultry feed. The proposed mode of action of herbal products is attributed to their antimicrobial properties, oxidative-resistant activity, enhancement of the immune system, and, consequently, improvement in poultry performance.

IGUSOL ADVANCE SA has developed EMERALD, a combination of essential oils with are generally recognized as safe (GRAS, FDA, 2004) and by a sophisticated protection system designed to gradually release the encapsulated flavours into the digestive tract,  improves feed utilization and well-being in the animals.

This study clearly shows the positive effects EMERALD inclusion in feeding broilers program up to 42 days.  Animals fed EMERALD showed better (P <0.05) weight gain, feed intake and FCR and a tendency (P> 0.10) to improve average daily gain, compared with control.

Results of feed costs revealed that 100 g/ton of EMERALD increased 0.003€ the cost of Kilogram of Broiler diet (0.253 vs 0.250), and 0.10€ the Total Feed Cost (1,166 vs 1,066) compared with Control group, respectively. The sale price per bird was improved 15.9% and the margin per bird for EMERALD group was 0.605€ compared with Control group (0.508€). In other words, we have improved the Margin Over Feed (MOF) by 29.5%.

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