IGUSAFE improves performance in broilers

The livestock sector is globally increasing in response to the demand derived from global population growth. Confined animal productions have increased substantially since the 1960s, and are the source of much of the world’s poultry and pig meat production, in order to meet the increasing demand (Bruinsma, 2003). Many farmers have detected an overload in the liver function of the animals, due to an intensive production and a stressful management that lead to a yield reduction and/or an increment of pathological incidents.

Researchers from IGUSOL ADVANCE S.A. have been developed IGUSAFE, a combination of plant extracts which protect the liver cells reinforcing the liver functions and enhancing performance in the animal.

Results from the scientific group revealed that in-feed use of IGUSAFE in Broilers fed up to 42 days boosted FCR by maintaining daily feed intake and improved ADBWG as well as final body weight. Taking into account the increase in the final sales price and the savings in feed cost per bird, the inclusion of IGUSAFE meant a total profit increase up to 17%, an economic reward for the livestock producers, and a sustainable tool for animal welfare strategies.

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